24 января 2006

Марк очень рад сообщить, что он и его партнёрша Эмма будут ждать своего первенца этим летом. 2006 год начался и обещает продолжаться очень насыщенно для Марка в его музыкальной карьере и личной жизни. Его английские коллеги и поклонники рады за него и желают ему всего самого налучшего в будущие несколько месяцев и далее. Российские поклонники и посетители сайта markowen.ru (MARiKa, Стрекоза, TanyaB, pooh, Макс, dexer, ALEX, BestиЯ) разделяют его радость и присоединяются к поздравлениям.

Mark Owen (the man himself)

11 февраля 2005

Hello Everyone,

Well as you probably know already the first leg of what I see as a year of touring begins on 24th March in York and initially consists of a further 11 dates taking us through to Bristol on 7th April.

The 60 minute shows will showcase some of the songs from the new album «How The Mighty Fall» along with certain tracks from the last 2 albums depending on what feels right on the night…

I would like to mention at this point that this year we will also be touring outside of the UK and are currently in talks for shows across Europe and South East Asia over the coming months along with America later in the year, details as usual, will be posted on the site as soon as we know more.

At the moment we are currently putting together the new section of the website which will give you the opportunity of listening to the new record several weeks before release and I’m really looking forward to hearing your comments! This «as yet unnamed» part of the site will also allow you to see footage from LA making the album, making of videos, exclusive interviews, previously unheard songs, photos and competitions etc.

If any of you have ideas for a name for the new section of the site, then please let me have them and the person with the best one can have a years free subscription.

Thank you and take care

Mark x